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There are many complex and varied reasons why people may find themselves homeless and there are no stories that are exactly alike.

There are many common misconceptions about homelessness. We know that it can strike anyone at any time. Research shows that close to half the homeless population are female, many with young children but we see people of all ages, races, religions and community backgrounds.

Domestic violence is the biggest single contributor to homelessness. Other major contributors are poor mental health, family breakdown, debt, poverty, lease expiry, family violence and abuse, chronic gambling and substance addiction.


Link2home is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

From 9am to 10pm daily, Link2home provides callers with information, assessments and referrals to homelessness support and accommodation services across NSW.

Between the hours of 10 at night and 9 in the morning, Link2home provides information and assessment only and will refer people to emergency services if required. Referral to accommodation and support services will not be possible during these hours.

Callers to Link2home will receive one or more of the following:

  • information about local services
  • an assessment to determine what kind of help is needed
  • referral to appropriate specialist homelessness services, support services, temporary accommodation and/or other services.

Link2home also provides information about homelessness services across NSW to SHS providers and homelessness advocates acting on behalf of clients.


Call: 1800 152 152
Link2home is the new, statewide homelessness information and referral telephone service.