What We Do

Changing Lives

Providential Homes is a not for profit organisation established in 2010 in response to the increased need for supported temporary accommodation in Western Sydney.

Our mission is to break the cycle of homelessness and dependency in NSW.

We do this by providing high quality accommodation through emergency temporary accommodation (funded by the NSW Government), offering a medium-term transitional program and through Community Housing services as a Tier 3 Community Housing Provider.

We also provide personal support for individuals and families through Providential Assist, distributing food and quality furniture throughout the community.

Providential Homes has become renowned for the provision of non-housing related assistance to individuals and family groups, enabling a greater level of stability in their lives and linkage into various support networks to assist them even further.

More Than Just Accommodation

Provides high quality supported temporary and transitional accommodation for the homeless in Australia.

All of our properties are sourced from the private sector and Providential Homes are the primary lease holder. This enables us to provide a level of service that is holistic in approach ensuring that our guests are treated with love, respect and compassion.

Providential have identified that homelessness does not discriminate and based on our experience our vision is to address this across Australia.

Temporary/Crisis Accommodation

Providential Homes is a provider of temporary accommodation for singles, couples and families in locations in several districts across Western Sydney. Our accommodation is a mixture of shared accommodation for singles and stand-alone homes for couples and families.

While guests are at our accommodation, Providential Homes also provides support and pastoral support where needed, information kits for additional services and agencies, Welcome Food Packs, knitted blankets for guests to keep, provision of fresh food and home cooked meals. Providential also continually maintains a high standard for each of the properties with a dedicated team of cleaners and maintenance officers to regularly clean and maintain each properties.

Transitional Housing

For guests who require additional support, following the initial crisis period, Providential Homes operates a Transitional Housing program, designed to operate over an extended length of time with each case being unique and assessed on their individual merit.

Transitional housing is subsidised housing, based on the guest’s affordability, and is used as a stepping-stone to longer-term housing, helping participants in the program to source their own private rental accommodation. As participants in the program, guests are provided support and guidance in seeking rental properties, mentored in how to keep their own properties, and given follow up assistance once they have moved into their new homes. Rental References and support letters are also provided to participants based on their successful outcomes in completing the program.

Successful Outcomes: To date the Providential Homes Transitional Program has been highly successful, with a 98% success rate in guest securing their own private rentals by the end of the program.

Providential Assist

Providential Assist is committed to giving food and furniture at no cost to struggling individuals and families who are or have recently been homeless.

Our work for the dole and prisoner day release programs are closely linked with this mission as well as providing practical assistance and property maintenance for Providential Homes.

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Community Outreach

Each week our Providential team and volunteers head out to Prince Alfred Park and hold a BBQ for the homeless community and those in need.
Each week our Community Outreach team receive a number of phones calls for assistance from individuals, families, and other service providers who have come to rely on Providential Homes. Our great teams are able to support these people through the provision of food, blankets, clothing and furniture.

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At Providential Homes we believe in creating opportunities for people to develop lifelong skills to help them in their futures. As part of this Providential Homes operates a number of programs such as the Work For The Dole Program where volunteers are able to learn new skills and trades while giving back to the community at the same time, such as landscaping and building maintenance program, white goods restoration, wood work and furniture restoration, administration and sewing skills as part of our Sew From The Heart program. As well the work for the dole program,we provide general opportunity for anyone who wishes to contribute and be a part of the Providential Homes team.

In addition, for those who are on low incomes and have state debt that they wish to alleviate, we participate in the work and development order scheme. This NSW initiative allows vulnerable people to clear outstanding fines doing community service.

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Community Housing

Providential Homes Ltd is a Tier 3 Registered Community Housing Provider (Registration Number R8404230118).

For any enquiries relating to Community Housing, please get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ button at the top of the page.